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Aletheia Woodhouse MMus

I am a music consultant, coordinator and coach. I provide a number of services as both a performer and tutor.

Key to my approach as a musician is to provide others with the fundamental tools to start their own journey of self-discovery and success in whatever they wish to pursue.

I seek to inspire and educate and I champion the fostering of self-empowerment, growth mindset and autonomous thinking in my students.


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Piano Tuition

With 17 years of training, I am able to share a wealth of knowledge in piano performance, rehearsal technique, ensemble playing and ABRSM exams.

For beginners I would recommend starting with 30 minute lessons. Our lesson length can increase in line with your ability to focus and musical skill. Lessons are 100% tailored to the student and optimising your unique skills and approach to learning.

Theory Tuition

With extensive and advanced training in musical analysis I am the perfect tutor for your theory needs. One-to-one tuition or small groups in the same household (e.g. 2-3 siblings) are available dependent on your individual needs.



Aletheia holds a First Class Bachelor of Music Degree with Honours, as well as a Masters in Advanced Musical Studies, with merit. The piano was her principal performance study at Royal Holloway under the direction of Matthew Stanley. She has also benefitted from the musical coaching of Mary Dullea, Simon Watterton, The Tippett Quartet, Rebecca Miller and Irene Serra. 

Aletheia is active as a performer participating in solo and chamber recitals as well as working as a seasonal lounge pianist and wedding musician. She plays with sensitivity and passion in a wide range of styles and genres, including virtuosic solo works.


Aletheia currently plays with Surbiton Symphony Orchestra as violinist. Previously, she has performed with the Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra, with whom she toured in 2018 and 2019, putting on performances in Paris, Cologne and Bruges. 


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Word on the Street

"My three children age 4, 6 and 8 years are all having piano lessons with Aletheia. They look forward to each lesson and within a few weeks their confidence has grown so much. They enjoy learning new notes and are always excited to play me their latest pieces. Aletheia is very patient and professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn the piano."


"Aletheia has been amazing with my 6 year old and 5 year old. She has managed to work with two different personalities while still making it enjoyable. Aletheia has really helped my daughter progress with her theory work and really engages her. With my son, she is consistently thinking of new techniques to motivate him. Both children love her and she is an absolute pleasure."


My 13-year-old daughter has been receiving piano tuition from Aletheia for a few months.  My daughter says Aletheia is a fantastic teacher, gives great advice and makes her feel confident in a relaxed environment. 


My daughter used to play a little piano at 6 years old but since commencing tuition with Aletheia, has really become engrossed in learning and is always very keen to attend lessons.  She comes away from lessons full of confidence, keen to practice at home and progress towards her first examinations guided by Aletheia.


My wife and I receive structured written feedback from Aletheia that is immensely helpful in monitoring her progress and understanding the content of lessons.  We are delighted to have found Aletheia and would absolutely recommend her to anybody wanting to learn to play the piano.


"My daughter has been tutored for the last 6 weeks, and I have to say that Aletheia has been amazing with her. She is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to help her to understand what to do, and keep her engaged and excite to learn. From having zero experience with piano, Sasha now has the beginnings of the ability to sight read music, as well as spending time at home practising. It's been great for her to sit, be still and focus! Aletheia is very patient, and shows genuine delight when Sash has accomplished something which is really lovely to see. I'd definitely recommend Aletheia to anybody looking for a piano teacher."


"My two children, ages 6 and 9 years are having music theory lessons with Aletheia. Music theory is a dry subject on its own. Aletheia managed to work with two energetic boys with different techniques and bring music theory to life with examples and fun factors. Aletheia is an amazing music teacher. I would recommend Aletheia to anyone looking for a piano teacher.


"Aletheia is a wonderful teacher she is extremely professional, kind and reliable.  My daughter loves her lessons and has improved massively.  Aletheia has a very calm and supportive manner and provides lots of praise which has given my daughter huge confidence.  I would recommend Aletheia to anyone looking for piano lessons."


"Firstly I would like to say thank Aletheia for welcoming Summer to your lessons.  It goes without saying how patient encouraging you are to Summer. Summer is a very shy girl and Aletheia has been working on Summer's confidence which has been fantastic.  In four lessons Summer has managed to play Mary had a little lamb. I can't believe how quickly she has started to pick it up. This comes from a teacher that gives lots of praise which is important. I would recommend Aletheia to any one whom is interested in piano lessons."



“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche

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